Boost purchases thru
exclusive card discounts at checkout.

PromoPay is a card promotion solution for BimoPay which allows local merchants in Indonesia to provide shoppers with exclusive discounts during the checkout phase depending on the card brand that they’ll use.

cardpromo service overview
Increase Sales
Augment Sales

Easily turn browsing visitors into paying customers by offering discounts and limited-time promotions before they checkout.

Improve Retention
Enhance Retention

Drive repeat purchase and build loyalty among online shoppers by offering discounts they won’t find elsewhere.

Deliver Value
Deliver Value

Surpass customer expectations by enabling shoppers to save more money using specific credit card brands.


Campaign Maintenance

Campaign Maintenance

Implement various promotions and monitor the performance of each campaign in one screen.

Promotion Rule Maintenance

Rule Maintenance

Assign specific campaign parameters such as discount types, discount rates, and minimum charges.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

Make it easy for customers to easily complete payments using the language that they know best.